Non-profit Sustainability Program

Is your organization thinking about completing energy retrofits, repairs or installing alternative energy generation at your community-purpose building? Or maybe you are planning to electrify your fleet vehicles? If this is the case, the Trust’s new Non-profit Sustainability Program may be able to help.

Two granting streams will support eligible non-profits to complete energy retrofits and repairs to their community-purpose buildings up to $100,000 and to electrify their fleet vehicles and/or install charging stations up to $64,000.

These grants support energy retrofits and repairs on community purpose buildings owned by non-profits.

To receive Building Support, eligible non-profits must provide a broad range of barrier-free community and social services that own their own community-purpose buildings

This program is now closed. Click here to learn more.

These grants support the electrification of fleet vehicles and the installation of charging stations.

To receive Electric Vehicle Support, eligible non-profits must be a registered in the Basin, and be able to demonstrate a program need for electrified fleet vehicles

This program is open. Click here to learn more.