First Nations Housing Sustainability Initiative

The First Nations Housing Sustainability Initiative supports First Nations communities in the Basin to enhance and increase their community’s affordable rental housing.

The Trust worked together with the First Nations of Yaqan Nukiy, Ɂakisq’nuk, Ɂaq’am, Yaq̓it ʔ,a·knuqǂiʔit and Shuswap Band. Each First Nation identified affordable housing needs and ways the Trust could provide support to help address those needs.

This initiative is a result of those discussions and offers support in three areas in each First Nations community.

The Trust provides grants to help First Nations communities enhance their housing management capacity. This may include specialized training, software, equipment and tools, condition assessments, consultants and other associated expenses.

The Trust provides grants to support energy retrofits, health and safety enhancements and building repairs.

The Trust provides support to complete the preparatory work required to plan a new project and capital grants to create new units of band-owned affordable housing.

The Strategic Priorities of Housing and Community Well-being, and the integrated priorities of working with Indigenous Peoples and Climate Resilience are identified in the Columbia Basin Management Plan 2020 – 2023, and creating and maintaining affordable housing is the focus of the 2018/19–2020/21 Housing Initiatives Strategic Framework.