First Nations Housing Sustainability Initiative

Through consultation with yaqan nuʔkiy, Ɂakisq’nuk, Ɂaq’am, Yaq̓it ʔ, a·knuqǂi ’it and Shuswap Band, each First Nation identified their affordable housing needs and ways the Trust could provide support to help address those needs. Through these conversations, the First Nations Housing Sustainability Initiative was created.

This initiative aims to support First Nations in the Basin to enhance and increase their affordable rental housing on reserve and offers support in the following three areas in each First Nation:

  • Asset Management and Capacity Building: support to enhance housing management capacity including specialized training, software, equipment, tools, condition assessments and consultants.
  • Energy Retrofits and Repairs: including health and safety repairs and energy efficiency upgrades. 
  • New Builds: support to plan a new project and capital grants to create new units of band-owned affordable rental housing on reserve.

Since 2017, in Basin First Nation communities the Trust has supported:

  • creation of 102 new affordable homes 
  • upgrades to 213 homes
  • installation of 70 solar arrays on affordable housing

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