Basin Youth Network

The Basin Youth Network supports youth and communities by:

  • Supporting collaboration and providing resources to communities and those who work with and interact with youth.
  • Developing programs to address Basin-wide priorities for youth.
  • Hosting events to provide opportunities for youth to connect with each other and develop leadership skills.
  • Providing multi-year funding to established community youth networks. Explore the ones closest to you.

Youth Programming

Various programs have been developed to address Basin-wide priorities for youth, set by youth. Check out program details below.

This is a three-session job readiness workshop designed to ensure youth start their employment paths with strong skills. Each session provides job readiness content through group activities, reflection time, audiovisual presentations and resources to help youth through the entire job seeking process.

The workshops take place at community youth networks around the Basin. Contact your local network for details.

The Basin Youth Network Leadership Summit is an interactive weekend-long event where youth from Basin communities come together to meet new people, grow as leaders and have fun.

The Leadership Summit will be held May 12-14, 2023 at the Kimberley Conference Centre. The deadline to apply is February 28, 2023.

A Leadership Journey: The First Steps teaches youth about leadership styles, public speaking and gives them tips for how to create meaningful change in their community. The workshops take place at community youth networks around the Basin. Contact your local network for details.

We know youth can sometimes feel they are under incredible amounts of stress and pressure. Sometimes they are too busy and too distracted to properly take care of themselves. We also know they are brilliant. We know they are wise and creative with an amazing amount of potential. This toolkit was created to give youth simple tools and exercises that can foster this potential and keep youth focused on the present.

Download the Mindfulness Toolkit and Appendix.