Child Care Support Program

Since 2017, the Trust’s Child Care Support Program has helped maintain and create new child care spaces in the Basin, train more Early Childhood Educators, and provide advisory services to child care providers.

To date, the Trust’s Child Care Support Program helped:

  • create 1,364 new child care spaces
  • improve over 3,581 existing child care spaces
  • certify and train more than 300 Early Childhood Educators
  • enhance the wages of 600 Early Childhood Educators
  • support four Basin-wide professional development conferences for Early Childhood Educators
  • support more than 130 child care providers through its Child Care Advisor

Child Care Support Advisor

Child Care Capital Grants: New Spaces

Child Care Grants: New Equipment and Small Improvements

Early Childhood Educator Wage Subsidy Program

Early Childhood Educator Training Wage Program

Other Support for Early Childhood Educators