Non-profit Advisors Program

The Non-profit Advisors Program aims to help build the organizational capacity and sustainability of non-profit organizations in the Columbia Basin Trust region. Whether you are new to the program or have received previous support, our team is here to help.

Non-profit Advisors Program

This program can provide you with information resources and connect you with an advisor who can provide guidance as you navigate current operational challenges and impacts.

Advisors are available to assess your organization and provide recommendations. These services are free. If the advisor thinks more specialized consulting support is needed, this program may also subsidize those services.

You can obtain advice in areas like these:

  • planning and direction
  • material resources
  • human resources
  • financial management
  • risk management
  • administration/management
  • governance
  • community relationships
  • Recovery planning (e.g. hazard risk assessments).

You may access this program if you represent an organization that:

  • is based in the Trust region
  • is a registered non-profit
  • actively delivers programs that support broad public good (not programs that primarily benefit membership) in the Trust region.

Ineligible organizations include:

  • groups interested in starting a non-profit
  • groups that undertake activities of political parties, advocacy or lobby groups or of organizations that are exclusive or discriminative in nature; and
  • member-funded societies.

The Non-profit Advisor program does not provide grants or core funding, or fund activities like projects or professional development.

To connect with an advisor and explore how the program can support your non-profit, complete our registration form here to help our advisors learn more about your organization.

If you have questions regarding eligibility or general non-profit questions, contact

The Non-profit Advisors Program can connect you with an advisor who will assess your organization and provide recommendations, including whether you might benefit from the support of a consultant.


Kevin is a career non-profit administrator and the past Executive Director of the Alberta Media Arts Alliance (AMAAS). Kevin has a Masters Degree in Public Administration, specializing in non-profit management, from the University of Victoria. Kevin also works as a senior election official for the City of Fernie, Elections Canada and Elections Alberta.
Wendy Booth
Wendy has extensive experience in board governance and strategic planning having served as an elected official with the RDEK and Trust board member for many years. Her passion for community development and working with communities, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit having owned a Whitewater rafting company, gives her a unique perspective in providing leadership and guidance to many organizations.
Alan’s extensive non-profit and public sector experience has led him to his current Board Chair and Vice-Chair roles with Revelstoke Credit Union, Revelstoke School Board, BC Public School Employers’ Association, and Public Education Benefits Trust. He is retired as Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Revelstoke, and has provided consultancy support to many non-profit organizations in the Basin.
Zoë Creighton
Zoë has worked with non-profit societies and co-operatives around the Basin for the past 25 years. She is currently the Coordinator of the Upper Columbia Co-op Council and as a consultant, she works with established organizations on board development, organizational effectiveness, and strategic planning.
Andrew Jarrett
Andrew is the principal consultant of Ridgetop Consulting which provides organizational development services for organizations and individuals participating in the social economy. He was the senior consultant in the REACH division of the Kootenay Boundary Community Services Co-op and worked with the Trust to support its Social Initiatives programs and the design and implementation of the Non-profit Advisors Program.

If you have questions regarding eligibility or general non-profit questions, contact or 1.800.505.8998.

To connect with an advisor and explore how the program can support your non-profit, complete our registration form here to help our advisors learn more about your organization.

Are you a consultant? We are always open to speaking with consultants who wish to offer capacity-building services and expertise to non-profit organizations in the Basin. Contact for more information.

Did you complete your Non-profit Advisors consulting services? Please submit the Final Report through this link.

Resources for Non-profits

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The Trust is hosting a Fall Non-profit webinar series, through our Non-profit Advisors Program, that could help build the knowledge and capacity of your non-profit. These webinars are free of charge to Basin non-profits and their staff and volunteers.

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Non-profit Essentials Webinar Series

We also offer the Non-profit Essentials Webinar Series, available for immediate download. This series explores important topics for non-profit societies. Combining online videos with slide notes and workbooks, the series provides tools to expand the knowledge and build capacity in non-profit organizations across the Basin.

Take one or all sessions at your leisure. Explore the topics and start anytime.