Small Business Working Capital Loans

The Small Business Working Capital Loans provide working capital and operating funds for Basin-based small businesses and social enterprises to assist with the challenges of COVID-19. Funds can be used for expenses such as rent, wages, inventory, renovations, equipment purchase, personal protective equipment and capital expenses necessary for business re-opening or modifications.

Loan funds may also be used for costs associated with technology adoption. Technology adoption may include, but is not limited to, front and back end office systems, e-commerce and digital transformation of business and/or manufacturing processes.

Loan funds are not to be used for debt repayment.

This is a one-time loan of up to $40,000 (minimum request $5,000). The interest rate on this loan is 2% per annum. No interest will be charged for the first three months. Interest only payments will continue for the following nine months at which point payments will begin in an amount to sufficiently repay the loan over a maximum period of five years.

Applicants may apply if they have received funding from other programs.

To be eligible for the Small Business Working Capital Loans the business must demonstrate:

  • Sustainability
  • Revenue between $150,000 – $1,500,000
  • Business operations for a minimum of two years
  • Adequate insurance coverage

Businesses must also be able to provide:

  • its most recent accountant prepared financial statements; and
  • its current profit and loss statement.

All applications will be subject to further due diligence as required by the Trust.

Small businesses, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, and social enterprises that are headquartered and operating in the Columbia Basin Trust region.

  1. Download and review the Program Guide.
  2. Access the Online Application.


The Trust’s online application system allows you to apply to various programs offered by the Trust. Here are some tips for using the system:

  • Only one application will be considered per business.
  • DO NOT CLICK YOUR BROWSER’S BACK BUTTON: your application form will not auto-save and you will lose your work. However, the application form will auto-save when you click the Next and Previous buttons to navigate between pages.
  • Keep your entries precise and clear. It is important to note that space in some sections is limited. Space allotment is identified in each section.
  • Once you Submit the application form, you will no longer be able to make edits. Do not submit until you have completed the application form in full.

Online applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are assessed as received. The Trust aims to respond to applications within five business days. Applications are accepted until all funding has been committed.