Heritage Planner

The Trust and Heritage BC have partnered to support a Basin-based Heritage Planner to provide support and strengthen the heritage, museum and archives sector in the Basin.

The activities of the Heritage Planner will include items such as:

  • addressing skills and professional development through advisory services, mentoring and training opportunities
  • partnering with organizations and existing delivery agents to maximize heritage, museums and archives education opportunities, such as conferences and workshops, and webinars
  • identifying funders and grant writing resources to support the financial well-being of the heritage and museum sector
  • monitoring and advising on the full range of local government heritage, planning issues, community heritage registers and heritage designation
  • monitoring and advising on the full range of museums and archives planning, policy, practices, and collections management
  • overseeing the maintenance of and additions to the Heritage Inventory and strategic directions for built heritage resources in the Basin

Heritage BC created map that identifies sites and places in the Columbia Basin Region that were nominated through a public recognition process.

Click here to view the map and learn more about the Basin regions heritage locations.