Food Producer And Processor Career Internship Program

The Food Producer and Processor Career Internship Program is designed to financially support employers with retaining an emerging professional who demonstrates a commitment to a career in local food production/processing. The Program provides support to the Basin’s local food production and processing sector with up to 70 per cent of an intern’s salary and mandatory employment related costs (up to $25,000 over a five to 12-month term) for seasonal or permanent, year-round, career-focused positions that lead to permanent employment.

Eligible employers are primary food producers (vegetables, dairy, grains, fruit, forage and livestock), non-profits involved in food processing, and First Nations within the the Trust region that are food production/processing focused, have been in operation a minimum of one year and that have a demonstrated fiscal and organizational need for an intern and wage funding.

You will have six months from the date of your application approval to recruit an eligible intern and have them start in the position. 

  1. Download and read the Program Guide and Application Guide.
    • Applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully read the Application Guide prior to filling out the application form.
  2. Complete the online application form.

We are currently accepting and reviewing applications, and will continue to on an ongoing basis until all funding for the program has been committed. Incomplete applications will not be considered until all missing information is provided.

Staff may contact you to discuss your application, and applicants will typically be notified of the decision within 25 business days.