Co-op Wage Subsidy

The School Works: Co-op Wage Subsidy provides wage subsidies to employers in the Basin region to help them hire post-secondary students enrolled in full-time education and participating in a recognized university or college co-op education program.

Eligible applicants include small businesses, non-profits, local governments and First Nations communities in the Basin region.

  1. Download and review the Program Guide.
  2. Define the role and create a job posting.
  3. Contact an accredited co-op department to have the job approved and posted.
    1. Check with the co-op department to ensure the program is accredited.
    2. Want to post the job with more than one school? Post through the BC Association for Co-operative Education portal (your job post still needs to be approved by each co-op department) and/or contact schools directly to have your job posting approved.
    3. Click here for a list of Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada accredited co-op education programs.
    4. When you are ready, submit your application for the wage subsidy through our online application form.

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis until all funding for the program has been committed.

If your application requires clarification or further information, we will not consider it ‘received’ until you have provided all required information.

You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application from the School Works office.

To discuss your needs, call toll free 1.877.489.2687 ext. 3584 or email This program is administered by College of the Rockies.

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