Career Internship Program

Dan Rohn, Career Internship Participant, Dynamic Avalanche

Looking to hire a recent graduate in a career-focused position?

Our Career Internship Program provides eligible employers with up to 50 per cent of an intern’s salary (up to $25,000 over a seven-to-12-month term) for full-time, career-focused positions that lead to permanent employment

This program supports employers with hiring and training emerging professionals at a reduced cost to the organization. Post-secondary graduates, who have graduated from a post-secondary institution within the previous five years prior to the start of the internship, will have the opportunity to develop skills and experience in their chosen field and gain meaningful and sustainable employment.

Eligible employers are businesses, registered non-profits, First Nations communities and local governments within the Columbia Basin Trust region that have a demonstrated fiscal and organizational need for an intern and wage funding.

  1. Download and review the Program Guide and Application Worksheet.
  2. When you are ready, complete the online application form.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until all funding for the program has been committed. Incomplete applications will not be considered until all missing information is provided. Staff may contact you to discuss your application, and applicants will typically be notified of the decision within 25 business days.

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